Thursday, April 14, 2011

the curtain is closing.

so my last post was a month ago ... and i kind of knew this was going to happen. i have been crazy busy with every, every, everything in my life. student teaching is dwindling down. tomorrow is my last day as a full-time teacher, then...SPRING BREAK. full-time teaching was great. i can't sum it up at all on here, but if you really want to know about it, sit down with me for a few minutes and i can talk about a lot of it. (although it really is all starting to mix together.)
in other life - the teaching position at Naperville has had no change, as in no response. and as for now, i am pursuing nanny positions for the summer, and having a lot of interviews, but no luck so far. i can feel it though, i'm close to getting one. i had three interviews in the last 2 days, and i had good feedback from the families. once i graduate and get settled into the new normal of life (june-ish) i will start majorly applying for teaching jobs - my real life goal. speaking of normalcy:
shane and i signed an apartment a few weeks ago - it's adorable, affordable, and in lincoln square/bucktown - the cutest neighborhood. we get the keys on the 25th and i just can't stop visualizing all of it. i love it. i'm so happy to make it a home.
last weekend was pretty eventful - we had our first successful youth group friday night (as in kids actually came). we went to a cafe, sat, and talked and it was nice. they like us. so i think they will come back! =) tomorrow they are coming into downtown just to walk around and enjoy. i'm looking forward to it, hopefully someone will come.
saturday shane and i competed against my roommates and 600-ish teams in an amazing-race-type event. we started with 1 clue, solved it, got to the location and got a list of 6, then 6 more during the race. the goal was to solve 10 out of 12, running all around downtown chicago, taking pictures to document. it was really fun. shane and i didn't finish because we hit a roadblock (a real one, like as in we went in the wrong direction...) but successful day in all.
on sunday, shane's dad was able to get us tickets to the blackhawks v. redwings game. it was so fun. i had asked for tickets for my birthday (surprising, i know) and it was such a fun game. i went with the intention of switching my loyalties to chicago, but my instincts kicked in and i immediately was cheering for the wings. i wish i could tear off my hawks jersey and cheer loud and proud. i guess my new loyalty will only reign when the wings aren't playing. :)
tomorrow is my birthday. and the start of spring break. saturday morning i'm off to michigan bright & early in order to catch up with my mom & catch a flight to delaware to meet my neice & nephew. then the next weekend, i have a bridal shower & easter celebration with family. then back to chicago for 2 weeks of student teaching, my transition into the new apartment and nailing down a job (hopefully.)
that's the update. sorry it was short. sorry it was lame. give me a call & i'd love to tell you more.
50 days until the big day. :] the end of the semester is so sweet.