Friday, December 17, 2010

student teaching intro.

well, for brooke, and my other wonderful friends and family: this is a blog to document and update you with my student-teaching experience in chicago this spring 2011. it will be a crazy, great semester working in inner-city chicago, teaching at perez elementary (99% mexican population, 85% poverty stricken). i'm not quite sure about what class i will be placed in because i have had two different situations explained to me, but i know that my spanish will be used in some manner, which i am very excited about.

starting january 17th, i will live in chicago, a new community, and starting a new life. i start teaching on the 20th and continue until may 6th. hopefully i'll be diligent in blogging and letting you know what's happening, what hilarious things my first graders say, and anything else in my life note-worthy (like some wedding plans!).

i hope you'll read and comment and ask questions and enjoy the ride. until the 17th...